Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thinking for a living..

As part of a team who do - literally - think for a living, this was an interesting web find. Thinking for a Living is a collection of fascinating articles by design thinkers. One that stuck in my mind from a branding perspective is this tidbit from Frank Chimero:

"Consistent voice is more important than consistent style. Voice is about what you say. It’s content. Style is about what you’re wearing. It’s aesthetics. The prior informs the latter, not the other way around. Clothes don’t make the man. They don’t make your work either."

As someone who has always been the 'brand police' from a look and feel perspective, this is a different way of looking at things. Do you think a consistent message is more important than visual consistency? Can you have one without the other in a particularly visual world?

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