Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little Green Men

From the map magazine blog:

"You stare at him. You silently coax him to shed his red coat and don his flashing green attire. He stares back at you and wills you to wait patiently on the footpath. Suddenly your eye catches a flash of green and you continue your journey to the other side of the road. Maya Barkai’s
public-art installation, Walking Men is a photographic journey displaying 99 versions of pedestrian traffic-light symbols from around the world. The international ‘green men’ currently adorn a building site in downtown New York City. Pedestrians who find themselves crossing any streets near 99 Church Street can browse Walking Men from the streets of Zaragoza in Spain, the alleys of Buenos Aries, to Maya’s native Israel. The installation is a part of the Alliance for Downtown New York’s project to ‘dress up’ public areas dampened by the fall of the World Trade Towers."

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