Thursday, June 17, 2010

Solar Powered Windows? Why not.

Putting solar panels on the roof of your house will evidently help keep your energy bill at a reasonable level (if you want to fork out the expensive initial cost of course), but won't necessarily help any other aspect of your house. If you install a fleet of solar windows, however, you could also have more natural light filtered throughout your house, creating additional environmentally sustainable qualities.

Hua Qin has developed these window panes, which were unveiled at Taipei’s International Optoelectronics Week, which double to block out the elements and create energy for your home. The windows can come in slightly hazy to really hazy opacities – the more opaque the window, the more energy it produces and can replace both home or commercial windows. This means you can cater your window locations on your floor plan to where the most amount of sunlight can be adsorbed - and also where you want to reduce unwelcome views into your house.

This great green invention could open up the door to all kinds of renewable energy production for all kinds of environments. With solar panels, it is neccessary to put aside a surface for solar production that will serve no other purpose other than to produce power. With these solar windows one could generate electricity not on the roof of an electric car, but through the sun roof or the window pane. This solar glass would be perfect for greenhouses, capturing light from panes of glass that already magnify the sun.

The opportunities with solar glass are endless, let’s hope Hua Qin sets to work manufacturing them soon.

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