Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Green Roofed Office in Iceland

New York-based WORK Architecture Company has unveiled a design for Landsbanki Bank Headquarters that consists of a series of green-roofed steps rising up from a ground-level city park. The striking proposal is designed to visually connect the historic old town of Reykjavik with the newer, more modern scale of the buildings on the edge of town. Courtyards and a narrow floor layout provide occupants with plenty of daylighting and access to the outdoors in Iceland's capital city.

WORK’s facade design for the Landsbanki Bank, which serves as both structure and fenestration, was inspired by the interwoven patterns of Icelandic art. The design proposes a series of programmatic strips that are stacked to create strategic voids and shared elevated gardens. The shared gardens are protected from the cold northern winds by the exterior of the building, and the green roof acts as an extension of the courtyards and the nearby park.

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