Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We Have Pre-Fab Housing... Why Not Furniture?

With pre-fabricated housing offering a tangible solution to affordable housing as well as the increase in demand, more companies are using these principles of 'flat pack design' to accommodate a different range of people and their needs and budget.

Dan Civico has designed a multi-purpose simple flat-pack chair which also could function as an art piece on the wall. Each ChairKIT_ is an artfully-designed graphic panel that transforms into a buildable chair that comes with everything you need for quick construction. The ChairKIT_ is the result of a fun experiment where Civico mixed manufacturing processes with handcrafting techniques to create a stylish set of modern chairs at an affordable price point.

Made from CNC-routed, sustainably-sourced birch plywood with various handcrafted, solid timber inserts (including walnut and oak), Civico’s kit maximizes materials while offering users the chance to construct their own furniture, thus giving them a more unique sense of ownership.

The same idea of 'sense of ownership' can be applied to pre-fab housing. Affordability is obviously one of the most important factors in creating communities for today's market, but the last thing we want is uninspiring, monotonous rows of housing. Variety and choice will be key in finding a balance between affordability and identity.

In terms of pre-fab furniture and housing, if you like Ikea - the future is looking a whole lot more exciting and full of 'Allen keys'!.

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