Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anyone for Tightrope Bicycling?

With the advancement of technology at such a rate, we can begin to ask questions which have previously been regarded as too abstract and unfeasible to even consider. In terms of alternative sources of transport, Kolelinia Lab has asked the quesions:

Why do we drive vehicles that are about 20 times heavier than our bodies?

Why do we build expensive roads with heavy materials?

What if our vehicles are compact enough to carry them with us as a bag?

The lab has developed two concepts based on the same vision of creating a completely new weightless layer for transportation on a higher level. The two concepts are Kolelinia (a chairlift type senario) and Kolelinio (bicycling) which proposes a type of above street level bicycle/pedestrian lane supported by steel wires.

Is it possible to achieve a completely new level of transportation with minimum resources? This idea doesn’t isolate the bike stream from the streets, this only makes the connection for impossible zones between existing bike-lanes. It could be of bridge typology, a longer transportation line or a special designed and independent touristic line.

Would YOU use the Kolelinio or Kolenlinia for transportation?

See http://kolelinia.com/ for more information about this concept.

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